Comprehensive Private Label, White Label and Brand Development Services

Private Label, White Label and Branding service by Quality Plus’s unique formula, with more than 44 patents, focus on differences with extract research and provide comprehensive service for OEM Cosmetics and Skincare, OEM Food Supplements, OEM Vitamins, OEM Protein Powder, OEM Protein Bar, OEM Hair Care products, OEM Oral Care products and OEM Food and Beverage products, by paying attention to every production process under industrial standards.

Quality Plus is a research and development company with own manufacturing facilities, focuses on Biotechnology research which has cooperated with the “Institute for Research and Development of Agricultural Products and Agro-Industry Kasetsart University”, which makes us more than a factory, because we are the starting point for developing competitiveness for brands. We have a research team in field of health and beauty products, which development conducted within formulation development laboratory. Our manufacturer produces vairous products, including: skincare, cosmetics, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, protein powder, protein bar, oral care and hair care products, food and beverage products in accordance with the industrial standards. Make your all-in-one brand development with a distribution channel management system, with further analysis of planning for new product launch, and including the price war problems reduction that occurs in the market. These factors will make your private label brand to grow more efficiently and sustainably.

Private Label Supplements

Quality Plus has comprehensive services for research and development of dietary supplement products, for those who want to make their own supplements brand, developed by medical professionals who invent unique extracts combining them with innovations in the modern production of OEM dietary supplements that meet international standards, which is leading to the creation of a successful dietary supplements brand. There are many details in many aspects of private label dietary supplements manufacturing that we take care of, such as the quality of dietary supplements, design quality and communication quality of dietary supplements brand. You can be confident that using our services to build a supplements brand your business become impactful and successful.

Private Label Vitamins

Quality Plus specializes in Private Label and White Label services for a diverse array of Vitamin categories. Whether you’re looking to develop Multivitamins, Calcium D3 Complex, Vitamin B Complex, Organic Vitamins and Minerals, or specialized formulations targeting specific health concerns, we have the expertise to assist you. Our One-Stop-Service manufacturing facilities are equipped to handle all your private label vitamins production needs under one roof, providing convenience and efficiency. From formulation development to packaging design, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your vitamin products meet international standards of quality and safety.

Private Label Cosmetics

Quality Plus, we offer private label and white label cosmetics production with a unique patent protection, focusing on providing a full range of cosmetics brand building services, utilizing innovative approach and developing cosmetics formulas by experts in various fields of OEM cosmetics manufacturing, who take care of the cosmetics production process as well as sales services until your cosmetics brand become successful.

Private Label Skincare

Quality Plus, we offer private label skincare manufacturing, whether it is a face cream production, a body skin cream production, a sunscreen, or a skincare cream to reduce wrinkles. We are paying attention to every stage of OEM skincare production process which is conducted under international standards. Our research and development department has medical experts who controls the process of skincare product formulas invention. With our research lab and professional skincare manufacturer your brand of skincare will become well-known, grow and succeed quickly answering the needs of today’s skincare market.

Private Label Oral Care Products

Quality Plus is a trendsetter in private label oral care products that meet the needs of today’s consumers. If you are interested in building a toothpaste brand or creating a mouthwash brand, then, we offer you our OEM manufacturing facility of oral care products, and the support of experts who study market trends all the time. You can be confident that when producing your products with Quality Plus, you will be able to market it for sure and more than that, because we also help you with cost planning, and patent protection which will make your product not be copied in both – formulation and design.

Private Label Hair Care Products

We offer private label services for hair care products, such as shampoom, hair conditioner, hair serum and hair tonic. Your brand will meet the success in the market with our OEM manufacturer facility and experts in a variety of fields, such as product formulation research and quality control.

The production standards and medical experts team of Quality Plus can guarantee a high quality of hair care product formulations, and our marketing and sales exprets can make your hair care products available to the market immediately.

Private Label Protein Powder

Quality Plus offering professional consulting on Private Label, White Label, OEM and Branding services for Protein Powder Supplements of various categories, including: whey protein, whey protein isolate, organic protein, plant-based protein, vegan protein, collagen protein powder, protein shakes and much more. We have our own One-Stop-Service manufacturing facilities to serve all your needs in one place, and are ready to help you develop a successful brand of private label protein powder.

How To Start Your Own Private Label Brand?

Quality Plus Company has a team of experts who take care of those who are interested in building a brand of dietary supplements, vitamins, protein powder, protein bar, cosmetics, skincare, hair care or oral care products. We also have a research institute and a fully standardized OEM manufacturer that makes it possible to create a successful brand to be well-known and grow fast, with professional consulting from experts in private label brand building to meet the targeted customer group. With us you will definitely not miss the latest market trends.

  1. Choose a product category of your future private label brand
    Choose a product type for private label branding following your inspiration or referring trending categories.
  2. Look for manufacturer that has private label branding services
    Look for product manufacturer with private label branding services, which has expertise and follows industrial standards.
  3. Develop products for your private label brand
    Product development for private label brand, including development of the formula, formulation stability test, production process and product formulation compatibility test.
  4. Build a Brand
    Create a unique brand, whether it’s a logo design or a product design to find the right strategy to guarantee sales.
  5. Promote and advertise your private label brand
    Organize promotion and advertising for your private label brand, which can be divided into digital marketing and offline marketing.
  6. Find distribution channels for your private label brand
    Finding distribution channels for private label brand may be achieved through the use of dealer management systems or sales channels that match the targeted segment.
  7. Hit the international market of private label brand
    You may start to expand the market in nearby countries first.
  8. Meet the success of your private lable brand

Planning before start manufacturing

Quality Plus company has a team of experts who is ready to assist you and take care of your business, starting from brand development, with research institutes and professional OEM manufacturer that is fully standardized to make your brand well-known, grow and succeed with consulting from experts in a private label brand development, to meet the target customers group and the market trends.


How to Choose a Private Label or White Label Manufacturer?

When building your own private label or white label brand, whether it is a dietary supplement brand, vitamins, cosmetics brand, skincare brand, food and beverage brand, you should choose a factory following these 5 important criteria:

  1. Manufacturing company has the expertise and experiences
    You should choose a factory that has the expertise and experiences with your desired product category, and they should also possess main raw material that you want to use in the production of your private label products.
  2. The location of the factory must be clear
    The OEM manufacturer must have a clear location that is easily accessible, not a house or a place to produce the product itself, but it must be a standardized OEM manufacturer, which information must be clearly stated, whether it is information of the head office, branch office or the production facility, including various online channels that manufacturer can be contacted through.
  3. Check production standards to have certifications both in Thailand and abroad
    The factory you choose must have production standards that are certified in each aspect of production process from various agencies both in Thailand and abroad, and in order to guarantee the quality of the product there should be a various standards, such as GMP, ISO, FDA, etc. as well.
  4. There is an all-in-one service (One Stop Service)
    You should choose a factory that serves you from start to finish. It must provide convenience to customers in terms of production, product design, online and offline marketing, able to process FDA certification, provide consulting in the production of product formulas that have market demand, formula development with the variety of raw materials, imported from both – Thai and overseas, to give you the confidence that your product is marketed correctly to consumers. This will result in quality products that have good sales volume, become widely popular and is not harmful to consumers.
  5. Be a constant and consistent consultant
    If there is a problem, the factory has to give advice and take care of your business case, until making the products of the highest quality and the most satisfying in order to get high quality of the products before entering the market.

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Quality Plus has medical experts and research team available to assist you on building your brand, to meet the needs of consumers, along with a professional marketing team to make your product a market leader and successful.