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Quality Plus offers a full range of Lab tests services for skincare and cosmetic products, in order to ensure product safety and quality.

ตรวจสภาวะความเป็นกรดและด่าง (PH Test)

PH Test for Products

We provide pH level testing service for skincare and cosmetic products of all ranges. PH level measurement ensures that your product is safe and suit for the skin, before delivering product to your customers. Each category of skincare and cosmetic products has different permitted range of pH level, based on functionality, to provide the best products efficacy. In cases when the pH level is not appropriated the product can cause skin irritation or allergy.

ตรวจวัดความหนืด (Viscosity test)

Viscosity Test for Products

Viscosity Testing is essential to maintain the quality of the product in its every batch, as some unexpected changes may occur in every new production batch. Testing of texture and feeling ensures that the bulk follow the quality standard. Viscosity product testing can confirm the quality, in case the viscosity level is the same as reference sample.

การตรวจสอบหาสารโลหะหนัก (Heavy Metal Test)

Heavy Metal Test for Products

The test conducted in order to check the safety of skincare products and certify that the product is free from heavy metal substances, that may cause harmful effects to consumers. According to the notification of the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand from 2016, the substances prohibited to utilize as an ingredients in the cosmetic product, including the criteria for heavy metal contaminants are as follows:

Heavy metalSet criteria
Mercury (Hg)Not exceed 1 mg/kg or 1 mg/L (1 ppm)
Lead (Pb)Not exceed 20mg/kg or 20 mg/L (20 ppm)
Arsenic (As)Not exceed 5mg/kg or 5 mg/L (5 ppm)
Cadmium (Cd)Not exceed 5 mg/kg or 5 mg/L (5 ppm)

การตรวจสอบการปนเปื้อนของเชื้อ (Microbial test)

Microbial Test for Products

Microbial testing is essential to define the presence of microorganisms in a product, to ensure product safety, to look for signs of contamination in products, that is going to be marketed, and for lab control to confirm that the products and equipment being used in a lab are not contaminated with microorganisms.

การทดสอบการรั่วซึม (Leak test)

Leak Test for Products

The objective of Leak testing is to ensure the quality of packaging, to prove that there is no air can leak in, as the air can affect to the bulk product efficacy. Leak testing should be done before sending the packaging to production process.

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