Consulting and Planning of the Investment Structure

Investment and capital analysis consulting services for the accurate investment, to help you determine the amount of money to invest in the business, set the selling price and target audience, and also know the gross profit that will be received.

What is the Investment Planning?

Investment planning is the cost drafting from the very beginning of product production, to ensure that the product type matching to the type that you actually intend to produce. Setting the target customer group, including positioning, to meet the customers of a particular level, in order to see the overall picture of the products’ potential and in which direction to go next.

Cost calculation services are divided into: Fixed costs and Variable costs

The production cost calculation can be divided into two types: fixed cost and variable cost. Fixed costs, is the type of cost which has been set for the expenses, that must be spent for sure, such as product FDA Registration. Variable cost is the type of cost that will be variable according to different production factors, such as the type of products ordered, the number of production orders, type of packaging, etc.

Quality Plus, we take care of cost planning for customers to estimate overall investment budget

From the fixed cost and variable costs calculation, the client will know the total budget and how much total investment will be required.

Quality Plus will plan and let customer know the cost of product per piece

When knowing the total investment budget, you will be able to analyze how much is the product costs per piece, which will help to set the selling price appropriately.

Planing Price Structure according to the Sales Model

Price Structure planning is a technique used to determine the market price of products, to know the actual selling price of the product per piece, including sales planning through any channel to set up marketing strategies more conveniently.

Plan break-even point and gross profit

After going through the price structure planning process, you will be able to know how much the production cost break-even point is, and what is the profit to be received per this investment in total.

In this regard, Quality Plus continues to develop its cost planning system and continually improve the organization in order to effectively meet the needs of customers, with a team of cost planning experts. It will help you to know the details of your investment and make informed business decisions.

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