Comprehensive Private Label & Branding Services for Hair Care Products: Shampoo, Hair Tonic and Hair Serum

Quality Plus Intertek Co., Ltd. offers Private Label and Branding services for Hair Care and Shampoo products of various categories. We have our own One-Stop-Service manufacturing facilities to serve all consumer needs in one place, and ready to help develop your products under international quality standards and drive your business to build a successful hair care and shampoo brand, with every production process conducted by modern machinery technology and equipment. We can ensure quality and product safety, selecting raw materials, which had been researched and passed through the certification both in Thailand and abroad.

How to start my own Brand of Shampoo, Hair Tonic and Hair Serum?

In 2024 market, there are various branding services for shampoo, hair tonic or hair serum, that offer different product formulas to choose from, whether it is a solution to solve the problem of hair loss, add shine to the hair or nourish the scalp. Quality Plus has a factory to produce hair care products, shuch as shampoo, hair tonic, hair serum and other types, providing our consumers with widge range of formulas and assisting customers in making decisions. If you are interested in research and development of shampoo, hair serum and hair tonic brands, we have a professional research and development team to server your business needs.

Consulting Services on Creating a Brand of Shampoo, Hair Tonic and Hair Serum

Quality Plus Intertek Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with consulting services on creating hair care products brand, such as shampoo, hair tonic or hair serum. We help you to make a decision about hair care products manufacturing under your own brand, supplying you with a standardized formulas, and being ready to build a new brand immediately, or we can develop a new unique formula following your project requirements. So that you can create a brand of hair care products that meet your business goal, producing it at our manufacturing facility with the support of professional research team who can give advice and be your complete branding consultant.

Quality Plus has a Comprehensive Services for Hair Care Products Manufacturing

Quality Plus has a comprehensive services for Hair Care Products manufacturing, such as Shampoo, Hair Tonic and Hair Serum, from the formulas research to development of a complete product which is ready to put on the shelf, designed according to the guidelines supplied by the brand’s owner. Our team of experts will help to calculate the initial cost (COST) based on the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and the total production cycle to suit your budget, along with document notification services. We are ready to proceed Thai FDA, and help your with other paperwork, such as documents required for export, as well as provide you with a logo and packaging design under the brand name of your Hair Care product line. Our One Stop Private Label Service created to satisfy your needs from start to finish, from production to marketing sales promotions.

Research and Development of Hair Care Product Formulas by a Medical Team

Quality Plus provides research and development of hair care products, such as shampoo, hair tonic, hair serum and other categories. We have our own manufacturing facility with the personnel who are experts in the field of production, research and development of Hair Care products. Our experienced team stands behind the creation of many hair care product formulas. We can research and develop new formulas using the latest techniques and  innovative approach to satisfy brand owner with the results received.

  • The formulation of the product is patented and the consumer becomes the exclusive owner of the formula.
  • Consumers are provided with information and details about all product formulations, such as the amount of raw materials to produce etc.

Types of Hair Care Products That We Produce



  • Deeply nourishes and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Helps to clean hair and make it shine.
  • Makes hair easy to style, and brings a floral scent.


Hair Serum

  • Protects from moisture loss due to blow drying, perming, coloring or straightening.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E, making hair straighten, and helping to condition the hair.
  • Protects hair from sun, reduces frizzy hair and split ends.


Hair Tonic

  • Nourishes hair and has properties to reduce hair loss by stimulating the growth of new hair.

Examples of Hair Care Products that we offer for Private Label and OEM Production Under Your Brand

Quality Plus Intertek Co., Ltd. provides consulting on creating a brand of hair care products, such as shampoo, hair tonic and hair serum. Our research team has invented a variety of formulas to increase the choice range for customers, so you able to select a desired one for the production in terms of product formulations or in terms of product packaging, and we can customize it according to your business requirements as well.


Hair care perfume with natural extracts, fragrant for more than 12 hours.


Efficacy : Nourish the hair and scalp Direction : Drop on the base of the hair and scalp, then use your fingertips to massage and cycle to allow the product to absorb into the scalp. Can be used as often as needed. Ingredients : Butterfly pea, IndiEx Mulberry Root Extract, Silk Peptide MW, Pueraria extract, Botaniz Raishi Extract

Exclusive Hair Growth

Help to solve thinning hair problem, make your hair shiny and not dry.


Hair mask that penetrates into the hair roots, solving the problem of hair loss. Ready to deliver beautiful, thick, healthy hair.


Hair nourishing fragrance, smells good for more than 12 hours.

Fuji Banjiro Styling Wax

Beautifully styled with the power of Fuji Banjiro, it stays in place all day, even with hair type that difficult to style.

Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

Hair serum that reduce shedding and stimulates new hair growth.


Efficacy : Nourish the hair and scalp Direction : Drop onto the base of the hair and scalp, then use your fingertips to massage and cycle, to allow the product to absorb into the scalp. Ingredients : Pueraria extract, Fuji Mulberry Root Extract, IndiEx Mulberry Root Extract, Botaniz Raishi Extract, Anagain, Kaffir Lime Fruit Water, TAKANOL, HydroSal FreshCool

Packaging For Hair Care Products

A wide variety of packaging to suit your Hair Care brand requirements to choose from. We can provide numerous types of packaging, such as pump bottle, open-cap, serum packaging and others, which every piece is designed elaborately for beauty, to be unique, eye-catching, reliable for durability and cleanliness. All packaging is made from high quality materials that are used to pack products and are suitable for hair care brands, including shampoo, hair tonic and hair serum.


Pump Bottle Packaging


Open-Cap Packaging


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Quality Plus provides consulting for branding of hair care products, including shampoo, hair tonic and hair serum. We have a professional One Stop Service manufacturer that helps develop products and boost the brand with a team of expert researchers who can provide advice on building a successful brand.


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