Research and Development Services

Professional product research and development services for Health and Beauty industry: Private Label Skincare and Cosmetics, Private Label Food Supplements, Private Label Protein Powder, Private Label Protein Bar, Private Label Hair Care and Private Label Oral Care products.

  • Product formulation research and development, by extending standardized product formulas.
  • Product formulation research and development in order to compare with other products.
  • Product formulation research and development based on customer needs.

Cutting-Edge Research Technology

To reinforce the leadership in health and beauty industry innovation, Quality Plus has transformed its research and development department to arise into cutting-edge research and innovation technology. Along with strategical planning for the department, we focus on research and study and the creation of the knowledge base, to develop health and beauty products that meet the consumer needs. This makes the administration and management focus on the development of cutting-edge technology, at the same time, it can meet the needs of the health and beauty industry in the changing era.


Local Fruits


Thai Herbs


Cash Crops


Leftovers From The Agricultural Process


Sea Creatures

ของเหลือจาก สัตว์ทะเล

Leftovers From Sea Creatures


Animal Raw Materials

Mineral Clay

Mineral Clay





Analyzing supply-sens and leftover from the production process in order to create added value and create new value for the industry

For businesses or industries that want to add value or create new value, by using research to development of the extracts for the health and beauty industry, as the following:

Fruit Juice Factory

Fruit juice factory with peels and seeds leftover from the processing, yet those peels and seeds can be developed into research extracts for the health and beauty industry.

Organic Fruit Orchard

Organic fruit orchard that want to create high-value products for export, can utilize organic fruits to develop into natural extracts or high-value health and beauty products.

Seafood Processing Plant

Seafood processing plants, specializes on fish bones, fins, shrimp shells or crab shells, that want to find a way to create new value for the leftovers, rather than sell it as animal feed, or alternatively have to find a way to dispose of the leftovers, by utilizing research to development into health and beauty extracts.

Health and Beauty Manufacturing Company

Health and beauty manufacturing company or brand owners, who want to create competitiveness with other health and beauty factories or brands, by developing extracts specifically for the health and beauty industry.

Health and Beauty Products Export Business

Health and beauty products export business, that want to create an identity for the products they export, with innovative agricultural works, advanced research of the extracts for the health and beauty industry, especially for sending products to countries in the European zone, America and China, etc.

Product Testing Services

Conduct testing to prove extract effects, when the properties of the extracts are known. They can be used to test the extract effects in various fields, to use laboratory test results to confirm the effects and to use the test results for marketing purpose. However, concerned extracts can be tested against the desired extracts, to measure efficacy, for example, the extract that is being studied as an extract that helps in the whitening effect, can be compared with Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) or Alpha Arbutin, defined as a range of concentrations, to see effects. It will then help entrepreneurs or researchers know the guidelines for using the extract and lead to further development in the field.

Clinical Product Testing

This is a test to determine the effectiveness of health and beauty products which is conducted by testing volunteers in a set number of groups. It can be tested in conjunction with an irritation test. The test takes approximately 1-3 months to complete.

Product Laboratory Testing

Check the safety of cosmetics and skincare creams to confirm the absence of heavy metals in the product that can harm consumers. According to the Ministry of Health’s of Thailand, 2016 Announcement on the names of objects banned for use as ingredients in the manufacturing of cosmetics…

Prohibited Substance Testing

Quality Plus provides services to test for banned substances in dietary supplements, cosmetics, skincare creams and hair care products using various laboratory methods such as TLC, HPLC or Titration to confirm product safety.

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