Quality Plus has prepared the research plan on Cannabis and Hemp with Biotechnology and Medical Science

As the government has announced the green light to unlock Cannabis and Hemp as a cash crop, and allow more commercial use, according to the announcement of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Cannabis and Hemp are herbs and cosmetics, which come into effect on 18th of May 2021.

Quality Plus with a Mission to research and extend the extracts of Thai wisdom

Quality Plus‘s has the research team, which is behind the success of the locally and world-famous Thai brands, such as the brand ACNOC, J HAIR, HERBITAGE and many others, have prepared a plan to conduct research on the development of Cannabis and Hemp. Bringing Natural Medicine both from Thailand and abroad, including the benefits from the use of Biotechnology and Med Tech, that utilizes in the research work on the extension of Thai herbs. Cannabis and Hemp with its benefits can be used to replace drugs and chemicals that will cause residues and have a negative effect on the human body.

One of the missions of Quality Plus, is to bring the extracts from Thai wisdom, Cannabis and Hemp, to conduct study and research for further creative development of Active Ingredients in new product formulations. Bringing innovations such as Nano Emulsion, Nanosphere, and others, to be used with the essence of Cannabis and Hemp, to have more stability and higher efficiency, responding to quality and sustainable life in the future.

Cannabis and Hemp herbal medicine formulas in the medical book of Phra Narai

Cannabis and Hemp have been used in Thai herbal medicine recipes continuously, with an inscription 300 years ago. King Narai the Great recorded the medicinal formula of Cannabis and Hemp in the medicinal formula in the book of Phra Narai. There are subsequent recordings until the record of the royal medicine recipe, or pharmacy scriptures in the reign of King Rama 5. The properties of Cannabis and Hemp help reduce fever, underweight, jaundice, making it possible to eat and sleep well.

At present, the components of Cannabis and Hemp can be developed into health products as following.

In accordance with the production law
Leaf / Fan Leaf
Thai traditional medicine, Food, Cosmetic
Husk, Stem, Fiber
Cannabidiol (CBD), and must contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) not over than 0.2% of the total weight
Herbal Products, Dietary Supplements
Twig, Stalk
Herbal products, Cosmetics

The journey of Cannabis and Hemp to create added value

Guidelines for bringing Cannabis and Hemp to patent

Another mission of Quality Plus from the experience of representing Thai entrepreneurs to compete in the global stage, Silicon Valley Fair in the United States in 2018, with the pure mangosteen (Purify Xanthone) project, also known as “Golden Mangosteen Peel Extract”. Quality Plus is determined to be the creator of the extract, new patents from Thai wisdom extracts, to build reputation and penetrate the world beauty market.

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