Betel Nut in Cosmetics Industry

Betel (Areca catechu Linn.) is a family of palm trees widely spread in the southern and central regions of Thailand. In the ancient time Betel leaves were used for chewing. Nowadays to use Betel for consumption is not popular anymore, but it may well be utilized in other areas, both in fresh and dried conditions. Dried pieces are used in the tanning industry, bleaching fibers, making medicines. The properties of Betel Nut can be used as herbal medicines for the first aid, such as wound healing, to eliminate diarrhea, coughing etc.

From researching fundamental substances of the Betel nut, was found that they are contain a large amount of phenolic compounds and condensed tannins in a high dose. It makes the extracts from the Betel nut work as an Anti-oxidant and also inhibit the growth of bacteria (Anti-Bacteria properties). Quality Plus in cooperation with researchers from Agricultural Production Institute of Kasetsart University, are producing the top-valued extract from Betel nut, through our advanced research (Deep Biotech), to utilize it in the cosmetic and beauty industries.

Why choose extract from Betel Nut?

Сurrent market situation indicates that, consumers more and more concerned about the health and environment, and prefer to choose natural and safe extracts, that does not cause allergies and irritation. Betel nut extract is the one of popular natural extracts, passed through in-depth research studies in various areas such as antioxidants, inhibition of tyrosinase, bacterial inhibition, as well as testing cell toxicity secure. The advanced research found that the extract from Betel nut can be also developed and utilized as a cosmetics ingredient. Pharmacological data showed the ability of Betel nut extract to inhibit S. aureus, S. epidermidis, P. acnes, which are the main cause of the occurrence of acne. Therefore, the Betel nut has high potential as a bio-active substance in cosmetics industry and beauty products.

Major Properties of Betel Nut Extract

  • Anti-Acne
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Inhibit Tyrosinase
  • Anti-Wrinkles

Utilization of Betel Nut Extract

  • Cosmetic and beauty industries: Due to its antioxidant properties, Betel nut extract is effective against free radicals, and contains anti-enzymes that resist wrinkles, and inhibit tyrosinase enzymes. Therefore, Betel nut extract can be developed into various types of skin care products, to nourish the skin, such as anti-aging products, antioxidant products, products to inhibit Gram-positive bacteria in the occurrence of pus acne, and other types of cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Betel nut extract has anti-oxidants properties, and it can be utilized in development of various types of pharmaceutical products, such as the first aid herbal medicine, herbal medicine to heal wounds and eliminate diarrhea, which is requires to make additional researches and experiments for its further development.

Development of Betel Nut Extract

Quality Plus has developed the research into the utilization of Betel nut in combination with leading research institutes from different countries like Canada, Brazil, Japan. If you are interested in joint investment to develop research with Quality Plus in the form of developing commercial patent in the field of extracts and branded products under your own brand, please contact us.

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