Organic Mushroom in Cosmetics and Skincare industries

Mushrooms are not classified as plants or vegetables, but belong to Fungi Kingdom family. The mushrooms are popular in consumption among the people who concerned about weight control, because it is low in calories and a feeling of fullness comes quickly after having a meal. In addition, mushrooms have more protein than many fresh vegetables, which are in between 2-3% of protein, when compared to the average protein level of 1-2% in most vegetables. Quality Plus reveals the value of Thai herbs and plants, and conduct its research continuously implementing the Deep Biotechnology. The company cooperates with Kasetsart University and Fresh and Friendly Farm to research the extract derived from Organic Mushrooms, and supply the innovations to the global beauty industry.

Studies and researches of Mushrooms have shown that in addition to their medicinal properties and benefits, mushrooms are also a great source of many important substances, including:

  • Vitamin B – strengthen the muscular nervous system, and good skin condition.
  • Vitamin D – strengthen and nourish the bones, prevents diabetes and certain types of cancer.
  • Phosphorus – important component of cell membranes, also necessary for the body’s energy production.

Why to do the research of Organic mushroom extracts from Fresh and Friendly Farm

Fresh and Friendly Farm is an organic mushroom farm located in Bangkok. Mushrooms are cultivated using natural methods, clean and safe from hormones, that can accelerate pesticides and chemicals. Consumers can be assured that there are no pesticides used.

Fresh and Friendly Farm has a wide variety of mushroom cultures, that provide different properties. It is 100% organic mushrooms without any chemicals used for cultivation, and products have been passed through production standards certification. Together with in-depth biotechnology and research, organic mushrooms are suitable for utilization in cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Fresh and Friendly Farm produces 5 types of organic mushrooms, which are:

Blue Oyster Mushroom

Golden Needle Mushroom

Yanagi Mutsutake

King Oyster Mushroom or Eryngii Mushroom


Why utilize Organic Mushrooms Extract?

Studies and research have found that mushrooms contain different kind of components beneficial to the skin. There are various amino acids and flavonoids in mushrooms, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, mushroom extracts have the high potential to be developed as an anti-oxidant components for usage in cosmetics production. Mushroom extract also rich with anti-aging, skin brighten and skin moisture properties. Quality Plus have the opportunity to study and conduct research with researchers and farmers, who have expertise in researching mushroom extracts for commercial use purpose.

Organic Mushroom Properties

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti-Aging
  • Lifting and Firming
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-wrinkle
Reduce inflammation
Reduce dark spots Increase radiance
Reduce wrinkles
Lift and tighten facial skin

Utilization of Organic Mushroom Extract

  • Cosmetic Industry: The essential mushroom extract contains amino acids and flavonoids which have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Can be developed to be various types of cosmetics and skincare products, such as products for sensitive skin, skin brightening products, products that help to fight free radicals, products that reduce wrinkles, hair care products and many others.
  • Dietary Supplement Industry: Mushrooms are a great source of protein, containing just a few calories. It is a good choice for weight control because when eaten, the feeling of fullness comes quickly. Mushrooms contain vitamins that help to transform food into energy for the body, and help the body to burn fat. Substances extracted from mushrooms can also lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer, and nourish the brain. Therefore, it can be developed into a variety of dietary supplement products, including dietary supplements for weight reduction, the brain nourishes, and many other type of products.

Organic mushroom extracts can be used for various types skincare products development, including:

  1. Whitening products – Night Cream, Serum, Essence, All Day All Night Care, etc.
  2. Anti-melasma products
  3. Anti-aging products
  4. Supplements

Further development and research of Organic mushroom extract

At present, Quality Plus has developed the research into the utilization of Organic mushroom extract and its important substances, in collaboration with Kasetsart University and Fresh and Friendly Farm. If you are interested in joint investment to develop research with Quality Plus in the form of developing commercial patent in the field of extracts and branded products under your own brand, please contact us.

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