Mangosteen for Cosmetic Industry

It is popularly known that Mangosteen is the Queen of Thai fruit. In addition to the delicious taste liked by both Thailand and overseas countries, yet, there are many who do not know about this fruit. Mangosteen being an exotic fruit can also be used in the beauty and other industry. It is a plant that is known for being beauty queen and developed as a high value extract. Quality Plus recognizes the value of Thai plants and interested in advanced research. With this interest in advanced research, the company cooperated with Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute of Kasetsart University to research the active ingredients derived from mangosteen peels to the global beauty industry.

Deep biotechnology is divided into the following parts:

  • Mangosteen Extract (Crude Extraction)
  • Mangosteen Peel (Purify Xanthone from Mangosteen Peel)
  • Purifying Xanthone Nano Emulsion (Nano-Emulsion)
  • Purified Xanthone Nano Encapsulation (Nano)

Why is it a Purified Xanthone from Mangosteen Peel Extract?

Currently in the cosmetic industry, the mangosteen crude extract is used a lot. When considering the physical characteristics, it is found out that mangosteen extract extracted in the first phase is a crude extract which look dark brown to black color.

When it is used in combination with high value cosmetic formulas of facial product, it will make the appearance and color of the product not friendly and pleasing to consumers and doesn’t show the acceptable quality. In addition, during the evaluation of Xanthones from the extract of mangosteen peels, there are a small amount of Xanthones and requires a lot of substance to make the effect and result clearly.

The process of extraction of the purified xanthones has played an important role. Quality Plus grab the opportunity to conduct research together with our research team from KAPI. We have been able to develop the process of extracting 100% purified xanthone and utilizing it in a way that is easy to use and commercialize the mangosteen peel extract to Japan and Brazil for the first time in Thailand.

Properties of Mangosteen Peel Extract

  • Anti-Acne
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Irritation
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Antioxidant
  • Reduce Dark Spots and Increase Whitening

Utilization of Mangosteen Peel Extract and Purified Xanthone from Mangosteen Peel

Cosmetic industry

Purified Xanthone from Mangosteen peel extract can be developed into a variety of products such as acne treatment products, anti-aging products, products for sensitive skin and brightening, and many more.

Food Supplementary Industry

Mangosteen extract can be developed into a variety of supplements like supplements with antioxidants effect, supplements for immunity boost, supplements with anti-aging effect and many other supplements.

Oral Care Industry

Mangosteen extract can be used to develop oral care products, such as mouthwash and toothpaste which is a mixture of dental floss, and also spray for bad breath and many other products.

Food Industry

Mangosteen extract can be developed into a variety of oral products such as appetizers for antioxidants, food to boost energy, seasoning rice, drink healthy and many other products.

Medicine Industry

Mangosteen extract applicable to develop as an oral product of the following types: external medicine to reduce inflammation, irritation or itchy caused by fungus and medication to treat various types of ulcers and many other products.

The Success of Quality Plus with Purified Xanthone from Mangosteen Peel Extract

Achievement from Contest entries:

  • Gold Medal for recognition in excellent and creative product innovator at Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2018 California, United States
  • Contest Winner of the Life Science Mass Challenge 2018 Thailand
  • Contest Winner of Life Science Startup Thailand 2018 Thailand
  • Product Champion Thailand 2017 Thailand
  • Winner in Bio Pitch & Partner, Thailand Lab Expo 2017 Thailand

Participation in the exhibition:

  • Representatives of Thailand to showcase their work at Bio Korea 2018 Seoul, South Korea.
  • Representatives of Thailand to exhibit at Echelon Asia Summit 2018 Singapore.
  • Invited to lecture at Asian Beauty 2018 Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Representatives of Thailand to showcase their work at Cosmetic 360 2017 Paris, France.
  • Invited to exhibitions at the Consulfarma 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Invited to a lecture at Beyond Beauty 2017 Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Invited to lecture at Asian Beauty 2017 Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Invited to lecture at Cosme Tokyo 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • More than 10 international beauty and cosmetics exhibitions.

Development of Purified Xanthone from Mangosteen Extract

At present, Quality Plus has developed the research into the utilization of Mangosteen Peels and Purified Xanthone in collaboration with leading research institutes from different countries like Canada, Brazil, Japan and including Thailand. If you are interested in joint investment to develop research with Quality Plus in the form of developing commercial patent in the field of extracts and branded products under your own brand, please contact us.

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