Comprehensive Cosmetics and Skincare Private Label & Branding Services

Quality Plus Biomedtech Co., Ltd. provides professional consulting on Private Label and Branding services for Cosmetics and Skincare products. We have our own One-Stop-Service manufacturing facilities to serve all consumer needs in one place, and ready to help develop your products to be qualified under international standards and drive your project to build a successful brand, such as cosmetics brand or skincare brand, going through every production process conducted by modern machinery technology and equipment. We can ensure quality and product safety, selecting raw materials which had been researched and passed through the certification both in Thailand and abroad.

5 Reasons To Build Own Cosmetics and Skincare Brand

In 2024, Cosmetics or Skincare businesses markets are growing constantly, whether building a brand of cosmetic or a brand of skincare cream products, become a highly popular and potential ways of investment, because:

  1. More and more people are starting to take care of their beauty appearance. The trend of beauty has always been popular and never fades, whether it is a physical exercises, healthy food or the choice of cosmetics or skincare creams.
  2. There is still a large gap in the beauty market for the cosmetics and skincare businesses. There are many marketing groups for cosmetics and skincare creams, whether it is a skincare product group that takes care of head to toe, facial creams, body care, cream for hand, foot-care treatment creams, from which you have many branding options.
  3. Everyone wants to look good. Nowadays, it’s not just ladies who are interested in improving their appearance to look better, but also a groups of males, children, the elderly, and the third gender, all of them want to look good. So what about beauty and health products? It will still have sales for sure.
  4. Cosmetics and Skincare Cream businesses have always been very popular. According to a business survey, the beauty and health industry is still in the top five, so anyone interested in investing should start with this business.
  5. Good look is important. For those who have skin problems such as acne, sensitive skin or body odor, beauty products will make them worry-free about those problems, protecting from a lack of self-confidence. So no matter what era and how will the economy be, everyone is ready to fund in their own beauty.

How to start my own Brand of Cosmetics and Skincare Line?

When planning a production of Cosmetic and Skincare Brands, it is very important to start from the selection of manufacturer, selection of product packaging, preparing a marketing strategy and other critical components that are the part of the process of creating a successful brand.

  1. Understand what kind of products you want to produce. If you can’t figure out what kind of cosmetic brand or skincare brand you want to create, then you may start with the products you use often or explore the market for which categories are in demand right now.
  2. Find a factory that meets the international quality standards. Try to find a cosmetic factory or a skincare cream factory of ODM or OEM production standards, to ensure that it is a manufacturer that produces products directly.
  3. Choose a formula. If you don’t have your own cosmetics or skincare formula yet, don’t worry. The manufacturer will provide you with “base formula” which is a standard formula that the factory has already invented. You can customize this formula to make it unique for your own brand. You can also hire a research team from the factory to come up with a new formula as well.
  4. Proceed with documents registration, such as the FDA. The factory will act as an agent to send the product formula to proceed the registration, to ask for the registration number with the FDA on behalf of the brand owner.
  5. Get into the production process. After proceeding a cosmetics or skincare cream formula registration successfully, start the design of the packaging and labels, and then move into the further production processes.

Consulting Services on Creating a Brand of Cosmetics and Skincare Creams

Quality Plus Biomedtech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with consulting services on creating cosmetic brands and skincare product brands. We help you to to make a decision about cosmetics or skincare production under your own brand easily, supplying you with a standardized formulas, being ready to build a new brand immediately or we can develop a new unique formulas following your requirements. So that you can create a brand of cosmetics and skincare creams that meet your needs, with our manufacturing facility together with the support of a professional research team who can give advice and be your complete branding consultant.

Quality Plus has a Comprehensive Services for Cosmetics and Skincare Products Manufacturing

Quality Plus has a comprehensive services for Cosmetics and Skincare Products manufacturing, from the formulas research to development of cosmetics or skincare creams, according to the guidelines supplied by the brand’s owner. Our team of experts will help to calculate the initial cost (COST) based on the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and the total production cycle to suit your budget, along with document notification service. We are ready to proceed Thai FDA, and other supporting documents, such as documents required for export, as well as provide you with a logo and packaging design under the brand name of your Cosmetics or Skincare Cream line. Our One-Stop-Service satisfy your needs from start to finish, from production to marketing sales promotions.

Research and Development of Cosmetics and Skincare Formulas by a Medical Team

Quality Plus provides research and development of cosmetics and skincare cream products. We have our own manufacturing facility with the personnel who are experts in the field of production, research and development of Health and Beauty products. Our experienced team stands behind the creation of many cosmetics and skincare formulas. We can research and develop new formulas using the latest techniques and  innovative approach to satisfy the brand owner with the results received.

  • The formulation of the product is patented and the consumer becomes the exclusive owner of the formula.
  • Consumers are provided with information and details about all product formulations, such as the amount of raw materials to produce etc.

How to Choose a Cosmetics and Skincare Private Label Manufacturer to Ensure Good Quality of the Products?

To choose a right company to be your outsource manufacturer of Cosmetics and Skincare Cream brands, your should find a factory that produces cosmetics or skincare creams that maintain the high standards. Quality Plus would like to show you how to choose a factory to produce your own brand of cosmetics and skincare creams to get high quality products.

  1. Choose a standardized factory
    Choosing a factory that manufactures cosmetic and skincare cream brands under the standards, such as GMP or ISO, and provides certification of the FDA to ensure that your cosmetic brand is safe.
  2. Choose a factory that provides a comprehensive services or in other words “One-Stop-Service”
    Choose a factory that can take care and provide comprehensive services at every stage, from consulting before starting production, recommending products that are on trend, production, label design and packaging, product certification, to the marketing support as well.
  3. Choose a factory that specializes in the products you want to produce
    Study the company information to ensure that the manufacturer is specialized in producing of your targeted products group, or the factory that has a wide variety of aptitudes, that would be even better.
  4. Company that can develop a unique formula for the brand
    There should be a cosmetic formulation researcher with knowledge and experiences, who will be able to develop a variety of formulas and come out with the good results to meet the needs of consumers.
  5. Can provide advice and consultation from pre-production to sales
    Should choose factory with knowledge and experience in design, production, legal notification and marketing, to be able to meet the full range of your Private Label requirements.
  6. Schedule of the production and delivery is clear and on time
    A factory that can clearly plan the timing of each step of the process, from the appointment, research, production and can be done exactly as agreed. In such a case if there are any problems, they will be able to fix them quickly, without severe impact on the brand owner’s business.
  7. Work transparency can be checked
    To ensure that the factory production process is good and standardized it should be transparent and verifiable,
    because transparency tells about the preciseness, and it will be another guarantee to be able to confirm that this factory can be trusted.

Examples of Cosmetics and Skincare Cream Products that we offer for Private Label and OEM Production Under Your Own Brand

Quality Plus Biomedtech Co., Ltd. provides consulting on creating a brand of cosmetics and skincare creams products. Our research team has invented a variety of formulas to increase the choice for customers, so you able to choose a desired one for the production in terms of product formulations or in terms of product packaging, and we can customize it as well according to your needs.

All Gender cleansing

Attracts people who like to exercise, whether male or female. Eliminates all bad odors.

Alov Deep Cleansing

Cleanses the face thoroughly, make it not dry, tight, clear, smooth. Provides oil control, ready to reveal moisturized skin, with aloe vera extract.


Rejuvenating skincare product, that adds moisture to the facial skin. Rich with the extracts, that making the skin firm. Suitable for any skin condition.

Acne-Aid Liquid Cleanser

Facial cleansing gel that take care of all acne problems and skin problems resulted by allergies. Adjust the skin to look brighter and more radiant.

All clear pollution cleansing foam

Removes all impurities throughout the day. Prevents new acne breakouts.

Altogether Hand Sanitizer gel

Reduces the accumulation of bacteria by 99.99 percent.


Skincare cream to reduce dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Can solve bags under the eyes and increase skin moisture for a long time.


Serum to apply under the eyes, fade wrinkles, restore elasticity of the skin, to make the skin look young again.


Reduce dark circles under the eyes and makes the skin to be smooth and radiant.

Vital Aqua Brightening & Covering

Adds moisture, brightens skin, increases your confidence all day.


Serum that nourishes eyebrows by creating Keratin Genes and stimulates the growth of eyebrows darkening their color.


Nourish eyebrows making them grow longer and darkening their color.


Serum that nourishes eyebrows and eyelashes to grow longer by creating Keratin genes.

Super Care Eye Serum

Grow longer eyelashes quickly. Make your eyelashes strong and shiny.


Helps to add radiance, brings smoothness to the face naturally along with the properties from mineral water. Helps maintain moisture for the skin for a long time.

1 night bright anti-aging

Helps to reduce wrinkles, retains moisture, and makes the skin full of water, brightens the skin overnight.


Restore moisture, reduce fatigue, saturate the skin, smooth and gentle, to make it feels like a newborn baby.


Wipe away dull marks, makes your skin white, radiant, pink and look healthy.

Fruity jelly lip mask

Lip care product with a soft jelly texture and fruity scent. Contains natural extracts that help soften and moisture lips. Pleasant to the mouth.


Jelly lip-mask for healing dark lips. Result within 7 days.


Protects from water, sunlight, has oil control and pore blur effects, and comes in a cute package that easy to carry.

Anti-Oxidnat oil control

Helps reduce dark circles and wrinkles. Protects skin from damage from UVA and UVB rays all day long.