We Offer Professional Company Registration and Accounting Management

The company registration process become one of the reasons in delay that often occur to a new entrepreneurs, affecting the production time and the time to bring the products to the market, happening due to a lack of experiences and expertise in business.

To register a company, do accounting and process tax filing it should be conducted by the professionals with the expertise in company operation, such as company registration, accounting and tax account opening, due to a huge volume of documents that need to be prepared and some complex steps. This causing new entrepreneurs whos lacking of professional experiences spending quite a long time to prepare documents and make the mistakes in the preparation of documents, causing additional time to complete the registration of the company.

บริการจดทะเบียนจัดตั้งบริษัท และการจัดการด้านบัญชี

Quality Plus Intertek Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and expert in the production of health and beauty products with long experiences in health and beauty business. Therefore, we have expertise in every step starting from formula development and brand building services, to company registration, management, comprehensive accounting and tax filing services in order to facilitate new entrepreneurs with no experience.

Quality Plus Intertek Co., Ltd. has an understanding of new entrepreneurs, who’s not experienced in document preparation and management of company registration, accounting or tax filing processes which are a matter that delays business operations. Thus, we have organized a team of specialists with more than 15 years of experience to provide business consulting services to new entrepreneurs.

Procedure To Apply For Company Logo Registration

1. จองชื่อ ชำระเงินมัดจำ เมื่อชื่ออนุมัติแล้ว

1. Reserve name, and pay deposit
once the name is approved

2. รับข้อมูลจดทะเบียนบริษัท และประทับตรา

2. Receive company registration
information and seal

3. ส่งเอกสารจดทะเบียน กรรมการลงนาม พร้อมให้รับค่าทำเนียม

3. Submit the registration documents
for the directors to sign
and receive the fee.

4. จดทะเบียนบริษัท

4. Company registration

5. ขอเลขประจำตัวผู้เสียภาษี

5. Ask for a Taxpayer ID

6. ส่งชุดเอกสารจดทะเบียน บริษัทให้ลูกค้า

6. Submit a set of registered
documents to customer

7. จดภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม (ถ้ามี)

7. VAT registration (if any)

Note: Processing time 3-7 business days

Procedure to apply for trademark registration

Name reservation process

  1. Photocopy of ID card of (1 director)
  2. Name of the desired company in Thai or English (3 names)
  3. Contact information, such as Name, phone number, email, LINE ID

Procedure of preparing registration information

  1. Copy of ID card of 3 partners
  2. Copy of house registration book (Tabien baan), first page
  3. Director information with phone number and email
  4. Director’s power of attorney
  5. Shareholding information
  6. Objective information of the business
  7. Company location map
  8. Make company seal

VAT registration process

  1. Make company sign
  2. 4 photos with business signage (2 outside, 2 inside)
  3. Letter of consent to use the premises or lease agreement
  4. Copy of the house registration of the host
  5. Copy of the homeowner’s identification card
  6. Director’s original ID card (in case of urgent note)

Note – Documents can be photographed/scanned and sent via email. (Actual personal will receive on the day of bringing the registered dress to sign)

Documents to be received

  • Commercial registration certificate (original)
  • Company certificate (original)
  • Company objective details (original)
  • Leather or certificate of Prathai brand (Bor Jor. 3)
  • Borikon Sonthi book (2 pages)
  • Minutes of the company establishment meeting (2 pages)
  • A copy of the list of shareholders (Bor Jor. 5)
  • Phor. 01, Phor. 011, Phor. 20 (The Revenue Department will deliver it by post / in case of VAT registration service)

Accounting and tax services

Procedure for closing annual financial statements

1. รับเอกสารบัญชี

1. Receive accounting documents

2. บันทึกรายการบัญชี

2. Record the account

3. ปิดงบการเงิน

3. Close financial statements

4. ส่งให้ลูกค้าอนุมัติ งบการเงิน

4. Send to customers for approval
financial statements

5. ประกาศหนังสือพิมพ์ เชิญประชุม

5. Newspaper announcement
meeting invitation

6. ส่งให้ผู้ตรวจสอบบัญชี รับรอง

6. Submit to the auditor
for certification

7. ส่งงบการเงินให้ลูกค้า

7. Submit financial statements
to customers

8. ขึ้นงบการเงินต่อกรมพัฒฯ กรมสรรพากร โดนยื่นผ่าน ช่องทางออนไลน์

8. Submit financial statements to the Department of Development,
the Revenue Department, have been filed through online channel

9. ส่งเอกสารคืนลูกค้า

9. Return the documents to the customer

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Quality Plus has medical experts and research team available to assist you on building your brand, to meet the needs of consumers, along with a professional marketing team to make your product a market leader and successful.