Comprehensive Private Label and White Label Coffee Manufacturing Services

In the dynamic and competitive market of coffee products, aligning with a reputable Private Label & White Label OEM Coffee Supplier is a strategic move that can define the success of your brand. This partnership extends beyond providing packaged coffee with your logo on it; it’s a gateway to creating a brand that resonates globally.

We have our own One-Stop-Service manufacturing facilities to serve all your needs in one place, and are ready to help you develop quality products under international standards and drive your project to build a successful brand of coffee, going through every production process conducted by modern machinery technology and equipment.

Private Label Coffee & Branding Services

Our Private Label Coffee services offer a holistic approach, empowering businesses to customize every aspect of their coffee brand. From the unique packaging design to the art of weaving a compelling brand narrative, we contribute to the creation of an immersive experience that lingers in the minds of consumers, leaving an enduring impression.

With our custom formula development conducted by a professional R&D team, we ensure that your coffee blend not only meets but exceeds the expectations of your target audience in the market. This tailored approach not only sets your coffee brand apart from competitors in terms of flavor but also aligns it with the preferences of a diverse and discerning consumer base.

By combining customization, expertise, and storytelling, we provide the tools to create your own brand that goes beyond the coffee cup, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and palates of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Your private label coffee brand becomes a narrative, a journey that transcends the ordinary, and resonates with those who seek not just coffee but an experience that mirrors their lifestyle and values.

OEM Coffee Manufacturing Process

Private label coffee OEM manufacturing process unfolds in several crucial steps, each contributing to the creation of instant coffee powder blend infused with carefully selected active ingredients, establishing your brand as a symbol of unparalleled quality.

  1. Premium Arabica Coffee Selection: The process commences with the careful selection of premium arabica coffee, chosen for its exceptional taste and consistency.
  2. Customized Formula by R&D Team: Our Research & Development (R&D) team is at the core of delivering a unique coffee experience. Beyond offering a non-sugar formula with alternatives like Stevia or Xylitol, they innovate to meet market trends. Explore our range of cholesterol-free dairy cream options, positioning your brand as a pioneer in offering healthier coffee choices.
  3. Active Ingredient Infusion: Elevate your coffee blend with the infusion of premium active ingredients. From the nutritional benefits of Bird Nest to the energy-boosting properties of Ginseng Root, each active ingredient is meticulously chosen to enhance not only the flavor but also the unique properties and health benefit profile of your coffee blend. Our commitment to excellence extends to a diverse selection of active ingredients, such as the collagen-boosting effects of marine-derived Collagen, the immune-boosting qualities of Lingzhi Mushroom, and the vitality-enhancing properties of Cordyceps. By thoughtfully combining these elements, we craft a coffee blend that not only delights the taste buds but also contributes to the overall wellness narrative of your brand.
  4. Certified Manufacturing Facilities: The selected coffee powder and active ingredients enter our certified manufacturing facilities. These facilities are equipped with professional technology and adhere to stringent quality control measures. The certification reflects our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards throughout the manufacturing journey.
  5. Precision Blending: The art of blending takes center stage. Our skilled experts meticulously blend the premium coffee powder with the chosen active ingredients, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances both the flavor and the nutritional value of the final product. This step is where the unique identity of your coffee blend comes to life.
  6. Impeccable Packaging: The final touch involves meticulous packaging, where the carefully crafted instant coffee powder is secured in a manner that preserves its freshness and aroma. Our packaging not only protects the quality of the coffee but also serves as a canvas to showcase your brand identity. Each package is an invitation to indulge in an exceptional coffee experience, enriched with active ingredients.

Premium Active Ingredients for Private Label Coffee

In crafting our premium private label coffee blend, we meticulously infuse a selection of active ingredients known for their unique properties and health benefits, elevating your coffee experience to new heights.

Bird Nest as ingredient for private label coffee

Bird Nest

Renowned for its nutritional richness, Bird Nest brings a spectrum of health benefits to the coffee cup. Packed with essential amino acids, minerals, and proteins, it contributes to overall well-being. The consumption of Bird Nest is associated with improved skin health, enhanced immune function, and a natural source of energy.


Revered for centuries in traditional medicine, Ginseng Root adds more than just a punch of flavor to the coffee. Recognized for its energy-boosting properties, Ginseng is a natural adaptogen that helps combat stress and fatigue. Including Ginseng in the coffee cup not only enhances vitality but also supports cognitive function and immune health.

Ginseng Root as ingredient for private label coffee
Collagen as ingredient for private label coffee


For those seeking a beverage that promotes radiant skin health, our private label coffee blend includes Collagen. Known for its collagen-boosting effects, this ingredient supports skin elasticity and hydration. Enjoying coffee enriched with Collagen contributes to a beauty regimen from within, promoting a youthful and vibrant complexion.

Lingzhi Mushroom (Reishi)

Lingzhi Mushroom, also known as Reishi, have multiple immune-boosting benefits. This medicinal mushroom is celebrated for its potential to enhance immune function, reduce inflammation, and promote overall wellness. Sipping coffee infused with Lingzhi Mushroom is a delightful way to fortify the body’s natural defense.

Lingzhi Mushroom as ingredient for private label coffee
Cordyceps as ingredient for private label coffee


Harness the vitality-enhancing properties of Cordyceps in the coffee cup. This unique fungus has long been prized in traditional medicine for its potential to boost energy levels, improve respiratory function, and enhance athletic performance. Cordyceps in your coffee provides a natural and sustained energy boost for a productive day.

By thoughtfully incorporating these active ingredients, our private label coffee products become more than a morning ritual; it transforms into a wellness elixir that nurtures the body and indulges the senses of the consumers.

Samples of OEM Coffee Products

Quality Plus Intertek Co., Ltd. provides consulting on creating a brand of coffee, as well as other types of products such as instant tea mix and instant cocoa mix. Our research team has invented a variety of formulas to increase the choice for our consumers, to let them choose a desired one for the production in terms of product formulations. Discover the adaptability of our offerings through OEM Coffee Products. Our flexible packaging options cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Private Label Coffee Supplier

As your private label coffee supplier, Quality Plus takes pride in offering an extensive array of premium OEM coffee products designed to meet the diverse preferences of your target market. Our commitment to excellence is evident not only in the quality of our coffee blends but also in the flexibility of our services. We understand that every brand is unique, and our role as a private label coffee supplier is to amplify that uniqueness.

Our collaboration extends beyond delivering outstanding coffee products; we become an extension of your brand, working in tandem to navigate the competitive coffee market. Whether you aim to introduce innovative blends, explore unique packaging solutions, or leverage market insights for strategic positioning, our role is to become your best private label coffee supplier to ensure that your brand’s individuality shines through.

Private Label Coffee Supplier

Register Patent of Your Private Label Coffee Brand

Raise confidence in the coffee business. Your precious rights must be protected.

90% of business people want to create products and services with cutting-edge innovations like no other to achieve the success. Don’t let your intentions go to waste, because every idea is valuable. The new inventions that have not been used or widely used, or has never be disclosed, may be eligible for Patent Protection domestically in Thailand and internationally as well. The initial coverage is 6 years, and the coverage can be renewed for up to 10 years.

Quality Plus is ready to push and protect your coffee product ideas or your coffee brand, by creating a unique patent to grant you the ownership privilege.

Professional Marketing Consultant Team for Coffee Products

Quality Plus provides a consulting on the cost structure planning for your new coffee brand. We also take care of budget planning to let you know the total investment cost, and planning regards the cost per piece, and price structure according to the product sales model, planning break-even point and gross profit.

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Quality Plus provides consulting for branding of coffee products. We have a One Stop Service manufacturer that helps develop products and boost the brand successfully, with a team of expert researchers who can provide advice on building a successful brand.


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