New innovations in extracts: Nanosphere

  • Nanosphere is an innovation in extracts for beauty business from the world-class researcher Professor Dr. Shinobu Ito, professor and researcher at Keio University, Japan. The researcher who have previously worked on development Vitamin C derivative.
  • Nanosphere is a new innovation technique that is called Nano Encapsulation, that provides the retention and stability of the extracts at nanoscale, helping the extract to enter inside deep skin layers regarding to the exact skin needs.
  • Nanosphere is an innovation that adds value to herbal extracts, formulas and cosmetic products, to make a unique Brand Identity and prevent the imitation.

What is the Nanosphere?

Nanosphere is an innovation technology that has been researched by Professor Dr. Shinobu Ito, the researcher from Keio University, Japan. The researcher who have previously created a world class beauty component Vitamin C derivative, and received the high recognition in the world of beauty.

Nanosphere is an innovative technology for storing extracts at the nano-scale level. This technique is called Nano Encapsulation, and achieved by wrapping the desired extract with Vitamin C derivatives and Vitamin E, which are stacked in multiple layers to increase stability of substance that is stored inside, to prevent oxidation or reaction when the substance is given oxygen. As the result the substance is being preserved when mixed in the formulation, and the product remains intact, with no color change or quality lost. It also helps to increase the efficiency in the process of bringing substances into the skin in the deep layers as needed.

ความคงตัวของสูตร Stability


ผลิตภัณฑ์มีประสิทธิภาพ (Efficiency)


ภาพลักษณ์แบรนด์ / ลอกเลียนยาก (Brand Identity / Imitability)

Brand Identity / Imitability

The benefits of the Nanosphere for the beauty industry

  1. Provide stability to the product formulas, without oxidation or condition change.
  2. Can be utilized to formulate products in both – water and oil, easy to develop formulas and make the product form unique and clear, to give it the original Brand Identity that is difficult to imitate.
  3. Product with the efficiency and clear results, because Nanosphere can penetrate into the deep layers as needed.

Comparative graph of absorption into the skin layer of Nanosphere

From the comparison of absorption into the skin, during the usage of Hyaluronic-acid with the use of Nanosphere techniques, will find that the use of Nanosphere substances can penetrate into the skin deeper. In addition, the test results of wrinkles creams and lotions with Nanosphere are visible clearly.

The usage of Nanosphere technique

The Nanosphere encapsulation technique is an innovative technology from Japan. Quality Plus has signed an agreement with our Japanese partner, as the sole licensee to use this technique in Thailand. If you are interested in utilization the Nanosphere, to add value and brand identity, to increase the effectiveness of the product formulation, and to make it clearly different from competing brands, please contact us.

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