Online Marketing Consulting Services

“99% of successful brands resulting from proper marketing communication planning through the most efficient media”. Our services designed specially for those who want to advertise their products through online marketing channels. We provide a comrehensive online marketing services with a team of professional marketers starting from planning the advertising campaign and in-depth evaluation with ROI index, so that customers can know the return on advertising with clear and easy understanding of the information through the following tools.

Google Marketing

It covers Google Adwords campaign management, conducted under expert planning and evaluation with an in-depth report every month.

Social Media Marketing

It covers the maintenance of the fan page and content planning according to the objectives of the customer needs, along with report of the advertising results through Social Media to reach the desired customer group exactly.

Seeding Program

Seeding information into groups, communities or forums of the target audience, to create interest in products and services, monitor answers questions after posting for 1 month and reports results.

Blogger Review

Product review service by a famous blogger in the health and beauty industry to create interest among people who interested in the products.

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Quality Plus has medical experts and research team available to assist you on building your brand, to meet the needs of consumers, along with a professional marketing team to make your product a market leader and successful.