Product Packaging and Logo Design Service

Quality Plus is please to offer Product Packaging and Logo design services, made in accordance with the professional design standards. Our design artworks are made by qualified graphic design team, and inspired by the latest design trends.

The types of Logo Design that customers can choose are as follows:

  • Wordmark – is formed by letters abbreviation that stand for full words or can use full words such as HP, VW, PHP, ATI, etc. Those letters will be utilized to create a unique identity that is suitable for Products or companies that own these marks.
  • Symbolic – symbols that do not use letters to convey meaning, but will be designed using symbols that cause meaning instead, to suit each product or organization. This type is mostly used as symbols of organizations, institutions, companies, etc.
  • Combination Mark – A mark that includes both, – images and letters in one mark, which will convey better meaning than other formats, therefore this type the most commonly used.

Logo is the Heart of a Health and Beauty Brand

Logo design is important part of our comprehensive services that we focus on, because it is what we use to convey the brand, which will create a memory with customers forever. The logo can be chosen from one of 3 types mentioned in the section above, and we will provide the design and consulting by our expert team, experienced in the design of cosmetic products, skincare products, hair care products, oral care products and dietary supplements. You will find a logo that is suitable for your market segment and customer group.

The Design Steps Are As Follows

  1. Meeting to propose and get the ideas
  2. Customer processing the deposit
  3. Execute the design
  4. Project delivery

“How do you design the packaging, to make it attractive?”

The cosmetic brand development starts with good packaging, because the products will potentially be placed in various department stores. If there are people promote it to sell, that’s good, but what if you just leave the product on the shelf passively? How to make customers want to pick it up and then decide to buy and use it? We offer a product packaging design services, starting from consulting, creating a story for the brand and then conveying it through the packaging, to make customers notice it and be eye-catching.

The design steps are as follow:

  1. Meeting to propose and get the ideas
  2. Customer processing the deposit
  3. Execute the design
  4. Project delivery

Product Packaging Services

ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 GMP are an international standards that businesses around the world attach importance to, to achieve the excellence in quality and efficiency of operations within the organization.

Quality Plus therefore pays attention to the quality management system according to international standards, which requires to set up a management system for quality assurance. This is a system that ensures that processes are controlled and can be monitored, through a system that specifies procedures and methods of work. This ensures that personnel in the organization know their duties, responsibilities and procedures in performing their duties, which needed training to provide knowledge and skills for work. There is a record of information, including checking whether the operation is in accordance with the specification or not, and there are some bug fixes and a way to prevent the inaccuracy.

The packaging cleaning process is one of the most important and beginning steps to guarantee the quality of the product developed by Quality Plus.

We have applied a special technology that adjusts the state of the package to make it static-free. Thus, dirt and dust can be easily and thoroughly cleaned, after that the cleaned packaging is sterilized again with a UV sterilizer. You can be confident that packaging processed by Quality Plus is clean and free from contamination.

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Quality Plus has medical experts and research team available to assist you on building your brand, to meet the needs of consumers, along with a professional marketing team to make your product a market leader and successful.