Training to Educate About Alcohol and Making Alcohol Gel


Quality Plus is ready to deal with COVID-19, organizing training to educate about alcohol and making an alcohol gel.

Quality Plus is ready to deal with COVID 19 by organizing a training on COVID-19 prevention, led by the Research and Innovation (R&I) and the Human Resources departments, in order to provide knowledge on the production of standard alcohol gel which can prevent the COVID-19 virus. The purpose of this training is to make all employees aware of the dangers of the COVID-19 virus, to educate them on how to deal with the current outbreak situation, how to cope when it occurs and the risk of getting infected with COVID. This activity is organized in order to support the health and wellness of all Quality Plus employees.

At the end of the activity, the Research and Innovation (R&I) department gave knowledge about different types of alcohol products that can protect against COVID-19 and provided knowledge about Alcohol products, the FDA law which regulates the production and distribution of this type of products. After training, the Research and Innovation (R&I) department has brought a demonstration of alcohol gel production to Quality Plus employees who participated in the training and brought alcohol gel for all employees to participate in individual coloring and adding a scent to the products, so that each employee has their unique alcohol gel formula.

This activity was divided into 2 training sessions for all employees and was held on March 4 and March 11, 2020. Employees from various departments participated in this training and created a unique formula of alcohol gel for personal use. Quality Plus also has a number of other measures to deal with the current and future COVID-19 outbreak in order to maintain a good health and welfare of all company’s employee.