Star Hunter and Quality Plus launching First Care Maskne Spray

The Opening Online Ceremony of “First Care Maskne Spray” mask spray, product that helps to stay clean, safe, confident and acne-free, held in cooperation between Star Hunter Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd. The famous acne treatment product “Acnoc” funded 4 hot young actors, Bas – Suradet Piniwat, Dul – Dul Romchampa, Kimmon – Warodom Khemmonta, Copter – Panuwat Kerdthongtawee from the popular Y-Series “Teenage Woon Y Rak” come as the special presenters and on the very first day of the product’s launch, sales surpassed ten thousand pieces.

Mr. Asada Thepyos, Chief Executive Officer of Quality Plus Aesthetics International Co., Ltd., spoke about the origin of this collaboration, “Our company works in the field of Biotech Research, and does a manufacturing of various brands. First of all we have a large number of research project papers, and one of them is a patent on Purified Xanthone Extract that can fight bacteria. It received a gold medal from the global stage in the Silicon Valley, USA, which is considered an Olympic stage for extracts. From that day forward we began the invention of a new products until it came out as “First Care Maskne Spray”, a mask spray. Currently we are looking for business partners who can help this product enter the market and become popular. We have negotiated cooperation with Khun Oh, Star Hunter, who has been invited to join this business together.”

Yot Kornherun, President of Star Hunter Entertainment Co., Ltd., gave an additional interview, saying, “Khun Oh and Mr. Louis have had partnership for a long time and have to admit that Mr. Louis’ company specializes in new innovations under the specialists team. When in come to the project of “First Care Maskne Spray”, a mask spray and with the concept of 4 highlights: Cleanness, Safety, Confidence, Without acne, we thought that the 4 main character in the Star Hunter: Bas, Dul, Kimmon and Copter are well suited for being the presenters.”

Vorachoat Karunyasopon, Chief Executive Officer of Research and Development, Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd., commented about the ingredients in “First Care Maskne Spray”, a mask spray – “In this product there are a variety of extracts, and the formula contains 4 outstanding items: The first substance is Wasabi extract with antioxidant properties that helps to inhibit fungus, the second is the Whiten extract that helps in skin whitening, the third is the Sodium Hyaluronate extract that helps to reduce oily skin and adds moisture and the last one that can’t be missed is our hero – the Purified Xanthone extract that received a gold medal from the global stage of Silicon Valley, USA, which properties work as anti-acne helping to reduce inflammation and you can be assured of its high efficiency and safety. There is no alcohol.”

Copter – Panuwat Kerdthongtavee, representative of 4 young presenters, talked about the product, “First Care Maskne Spray” mask spray, saying that it is an item that everyone must have in hand in the New Normal era, using First Care to spray on the mask before wearing it in order to increase cleanliness, safety, confidence, without acne, because we all have to wear masks during the day. It helps stop bacteria, reduce bad smell from the mask, reduce acne problems caused by masks. It does not cause skin irritation, suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin and gives a long-lasting fresh scent, helps to prevent problem in the era of COVID-19 epidemic. The product can be used by all genders, ages, and by both children and adults.

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