Modern Trade Product Sales Consulting Services in Thailand

Selling products through Modern Trade

“Modern trade” that the Health and Beauty product brand owner should not to overlook!

Trend of business in the form of Modern Trade has continuously increasing growth rates, in a variety of forms according to business concepts and customer target groups. The key feature, which is particularly useful for the skincare and cosmetic brands, dietary supplement brands, hair care brands or oral care brands, is the Distributor Channels. Because, if the product is of good quality with interesting image and the promotion in wide society, but having a lack of selling channels, it will certainly result in loss of sales opportunities or unprofitable investment.

Sales via Modern Trade will help to distribute your products more toward consumer groups with professional sales management at convenient locations to save time for customers, as well as help to organize sales promotion and marketing campaign efficiently.

  • Increase the number of distribution channels to generate higher income
  • Build the credibility of the marketed product
  • Manage sales and marketing campaigns following the international standards
  • Generate higher profits and returns

How do we take care of you?

Quality Plus takes care from manufacturing to sales with experts in the retail business, who has over than 15 years of experiences in creating the highest growth rate in the business of consumer product groups, supporting more than 1,000 business items in leading department stores both domestically and internationally.

  • Product Presentation to give advice and prepare product details for the presentation
  • Marketing Plan via Modern Trade channels
  • Product Development
  • Price Structure and Cost
  • Sales Plan & Training
  • Sales and Marketing Management

What you will get

  • Consultation with business experts at national level
  • Save time; no time for trial and error
  • Add distribution channels to generate higher revenues
  • Build credibility for the product
  • Manage sales and marketing with international standards
  • Generate higher profits and returns

Modern Retail Trade Business in Thailand

Modern retail is a form of retail with a distribution process that focuses on offering a variety of products management systems by relying on the expertise and technology. It helps us to meet our customers’ needs. It leads to a coherent relationship between manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

What are the benefits of sales via Modern Trade?

  • Business sales are relatively consistent, because of selling to a large number of people, and these people tend not to change their purchasing behavior quickly;
  • Modern retailers do a trading business where profits are added to the cost of every item, therefore the business is always profitable;
  • Modern retail businesses sell products for cash, while purchasing products on credit, get credit for 2-3 months or more, so these companies tend to have high financial flexibility;
  • The more sales these modern trade retail businesses grow, the more they gain a competitive advantage, because they can buy products from manufacturers in lower unit price;
  • When the mall is successful, our brand is getting popular in the market and attract people to the mall.

Our Modern Trade Services

  • Service to prepare documents for bringing products into consignment;
  • Product consignment service to leading stores;
  • Freight forwarding service.

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Quality Plus has medical experts and research team available to assist you on building your brand, to meet the needs of consumers, along with a professional marketing team to make your product a market leader and successful.