Quality Plus Releases Luwe to Help Society and Support Employees During the COVID-19 pandemic

สเปรย์แอลกอฮอล์ Luwe

Launching “Luwe Crazy Clean” to help society and support employees during COVID-19.

Quality Plus has launched Luwe hand sanitizer spray, which can be used for hygiene purposes during the COVID-19 outbreak, and encouraged every company’s employee to become a distributor of it to continue the Happy Workplace project in terms of Happy Society, Happy Money and Happy Body concept, which is a project led by Mr. Pornchai Sonklin, Human Resources Manager of the company. The purpose of the project is to provide employees with extra income during the economic recession period due to the COVID-19 outbreak and to give employees access to products that are essential in today’s life for hygiene purpose. The risk of viral and bacterial infection can be lowered, and profits from every bottle of Luwe hand sanitizer sold will go to support a social project to deliver alcohol spray for communities and at-risk occupations to reduce the spread of covid 19.

The Project to Promote Productivity and Organizational Health in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs Happy and Productivity Workplace: SHAP) or the Happy Workplace Project is a project of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, which Quality Plus has implemented within the organization. Following the project’s guidelines for more than 3 years, this project focuses on taking care of employees in 8 dimensions (Happy 8), which are:

  1. Physical happiness (Happy Body)
  2. Hhappy sharing (Happy Heart)
  3. Moral happiness (Happy Soul)
  4. Happy yourself (Happy Relax
  5. Happiness in learning (Happy Brain)
  6. Financial happiness (Happy Money)
  7. Family happiness (Happy Family)
  8. Social happiness (Happy Society)

ควอลิตี้พลัสปล่อย Luwe ช่วยสังคมและหนุนพนักงานช่วงโควิด 19 ระบาด เดินหน้า Happy Workplace

Luwe hand sanitizer spray, net volume 60 ml., price 159 baht, is a product for maintaining hygiene that can be used in daily life, in every situation when encountering the outside world to ensure that the body is always clean, especially the hands that are most often touch the dirt around, whether traveling in public transportation, use public restrooms or having to touch common areas. Luwe hand sanitizer spray can ensure the safety in all situations that are faced daily.

The Luwe hand sanitizer product is available in 2 different formulas:

  1. Yellow bottle – Luwe Crazy Clean alcohol spray for washing hands, can be used to spray to eliminate viruses and bacteria as well – spray on palm or touch-sensitive areas such as: toilets, telephones, doorknobs, computer mice, or desks. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere, easy to use, convenient and safe.
  2. Pink bottle – Luwe Baby Clean alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray, suitable for kids and those who are allergic to alcohol. It does not cause allergies, irritation and dryness. It is a food grade product that is harmless even if eating immediately after using the product, because its formulation is based on Quercetin (Allium Cepa Bulb Extract) extract, that has been researched in Japan and confirmed its anti-bacterial properties as well.

สเปรย์แอลกอฮอล์ ลูวี่

The product is available for all employees of Quality Plus via the official fan page or Line account as well. Quality Plus releases Luwe to help society and support employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.