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Plastic Waste Reduction Project

Did you know? Plastic waste affects the quality of our life and the ecosystems

Did you know that?

  • Thailand has a plastic waste of up to 7 million tons.
  • It will take 450 years to decompose plastic waste.
  • 50% of these plastic waste has not been disposed.

Did you know that?

At present, the weather and ecosystems in Thailand are deteriorating. The reasons are:

  • Amount of plastic waste that is not been disposed, and increases continuously.
  • Combustion method of plastic waste disposal , that creates air pollution.
  • Amount of plastic waste being dumped into rivers and seas.

Quality Plus has foreseen the problem of plastic waste which is an important cause affecting the quality of life of Thai people. Therefore we have established a project “Reduce is the equal to protect”, a project that will unite the power of the Thai people throughout the country. Join the campaign for the brand owners to “decrease” and “stop” utilizing the plastic in the Thai cosmetic industry, as a part of reducing plastic waste program.

The situation with the plastic waste in Thailand

Thailand is the third largest country in ASEAN, to import plastic waste, reaching 481,381 tons per year. With an average of 7,000 tons per day of plastic and foam waste, there are 6,300 tons of plastic waste per day and 700 tons of foam waste per day. In total there are 2.7 million tons of plastic and foam waste in Thailand each year, and as known, the plastic waste needs 450 years for degradation.

Plastic and the Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic market in Thailand in 2017 has grown from 7.8% in 2016, or worth 168,470 million baht. The most of cosmetic business owners use plastic wrap for beauty products to prevent smuggling.

What if we will not change the situation in the next 10 years?

If we will not change the manner of plastic usage, it may result in increasing global warming, overflowing waste in the country and increasing the amount of waste in rivers and seas. Because it is takes a long time for decomposing, it will cause the animals in rivers and the sea to suffocate cause by lack of oxygen, or may cause death due to garbage clogging the respiratory tract.