Internship Experiences

Ms. Jaeye

Ms. Jaeye

Intern: Ms. Jaeye
Course:  Industrial Management from Faculty of Business Administration
Country: Thailand
Department: Digital marketing

Internship Review

My name is Sasiwimol Pimdee When I was in 4th years of Thai-Nichi Institute of technology. I got a great chance to be an intern student at QPAI. At First, I came to QPAI I was assigned to work in Overseas sale and marketing department as an Assistant. In my team, I had an international colleague from China, Bhutan, and Vietnam and they gave us an kindly assist through internship period.

During work, I received reliability to assist in the real case, deal with real problems, propose an idea in the meeting and also work with another department, customer including suppliers which another firm couldn’t give such a kind of experience to me. Moreover, In every task, we had to communicate in English so it was challenging for me. Unexpectedly, In my final internship presentation, the president of QPAI had attended for evaluation and gave us a kindly suggestion about not only the knowledge but also the work attitude.

I was glad to receive valuable experience and learning from QPAI and colleagues as an intern in QPAI. Lastly, I can say that it was lesson learning for my occupation and my attitude towards work and it made it possible at QPAI.