Internship Experiences

Ms. Irish

Ms. Irish

Intern: Ms. Irish
Course: Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
Period: February 26-March 31, 2018
Country: Philippines
Department: Sales & Marketing

Internship Review

For five weeks from February 26-March 31, 2018, I did an internship at Quality Plus, one of Thailand’s leading manufacturer of cosmetics with a professional branding service. I was assigned to work with the research and development team. I conducted a survey about the Consumer Behavior regarding Facial Skin Care in the Philippines to help the research and development team to have gain knowledge on how Filipino consumers behave when it comes in their purchases as well as their buying habits and also to suggest a product that could help them to penetrate the Philippine market.

Through the research that I conducted during my stay in the company, I did not only gain a lot of knowledge about how a cosmetic company works, I also learned a lot especially on how the Oversea Department handles their customers. It’s a lot of work but if you have the patience and the drive to close that deal you will eventually succeed in getting that customer. I also believe that teamwork is important because if you’re having a hard time you can ask for help and you can discuss what is the matter all about. In addition, I also had a great chance to sharpen my skills in a professional working environment especially my communication skills that I have been trained and practiced through giving presentations, discussing with the experts in the field and other staffs within and outside the company.

I deeply appreciated the help of Mr. Sonam Wangchuk and Mr. Saw Thura Ni Win, my advisors at Quality Plus. They gave me very in-time valuable instructions and help me throughout my research and presentation by giving advice and extensive guidance regarding many practical issues. They also gave me in-time feedback on my research and helped to organize an interesting presentation in which I could present my ideas to other staffs of the company with the Managing Director.

Throughout the internship, I have also learned many things about the Thai culture whose benefits are far beyond what I could learn in a normal project. Because of my internship in Quality Plus, I have developed myself to be professional and sociable as well.