Internship Experiences

Mr. Leo

Mr. Leo

Intern’s Name: Mr. Leo
Course: Bachelor Degree in Management
Period: 2 Months
Country: France
Department: Marketing & sales

Internship Review

The company Quality Plus welcome me into their company to do a marketing internship and prospecting for a period of two months. Thailand is very different from the country where I come from, France especially in terms of culture, but also professionally.

Quality more youthful and motivated and very involved in the success of their business. It is, therefore, easier to have a good relationship between young people by trainees like me are students.

Also, there is a good social cohesion with a good working condition, sharing and listening. I thank Quality Plus company to accept me in the company for my internship, to allow the passage of new knowledge, I was able to study the cosmetics market and what are the advantages. Then, through meetings and sharing meeting, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about the terms of marketing.

It was a first professional experience as long and I do not regret anything, I thank the Quality Plus team who helped me and were kind to me. Thanks to my mentors who accompanied me in the realization of this internship by helping me to do my tasks, who have been listening but also advised me on everyday life in Thailand. I was able to create with them a good relationship of trust.