Quality Plus Personnel Participated in the Development of Cosmetics Formulation


Quality Plus personnel participated in cosmetic formula development training at Chemico Asia Health and Beauty Center (CAHB).

On January 30, 2020, a research team and employees from Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. were honored to participate in the training organized by Chemico Inter Corporation Co., Ltd. held at the Chemico Asia Health and Beauty Center (CAHB). The main subject of training is the development of cosmetic formulations to meet the demand of the current cosmetic market and introduce new technologies in the cosmetic industry. There was also a hands-on training session at the Chemico Asia Health and Beauty Center (CAHB) Research and Development Laboratory in the afternoon by speakers and training assistants who have long experience in the cosmetic product formulation industry.

The business collaboration between Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. and Chemico Inter Corporation Co., Ltd. aims to elevate the entire ecosystem of the Thai cosmetic industry and its ability to compete internationally, and it is a joint development of personnel in cosmetic science and exchange of knowledge in research, experimentation and product development to make personnel more knowledgeable about the health and beauty industry.

Both companies have a common vision to develop Thailand’s health and beauty industry to become the central country in the ASEAN region for personnel development and various knowledge bases. It is considered the key for making Thai industry competitive and to be the leader in this region. Product development with new technologies and innovations in addition to various research studies that are scientifically certified and meet international standards. Therefore, it is a point that must be emphasized in order for Thai products to have attention and be recognized internationally to create a good image for Thai products in other industries as well.