Opening Ceremony of «Be Mine Superstar», The Debut Y-Series of Quality Plus

บวงสรวงเปิดกล้อง Be Mine Superstar ซีรีส์วายเรื่องแรกของทางช่อง 3

Opening ceremony of «Be Mine Superstar», the debut series of Quality Plus Biomedtech under the patronage of Mr. Asada Thepyos, Chief Executive Officer, working hand in hand with a skilled movie director Mr. David Bigander who has been through the directing of dozens of impressive series and with contribution of Dr. Varayuth Milinthachinda, the chairman of the board as a project consultant. The series are scheduled to broadcast on May 8, 2023 on Channel 3, Thai TV.

Worship ceremony held on Sunday, December 18, 2022, and filming of the series began immediately the next day. It is considered a binge-worthy series, because the production team has already revealed a spoiler for fans, to prepare for fun and new experiences that have never been seen in any Y-Series before. From the imagination that has been penned down, created into a series to come onto a TV-screen, under the production of a film crew that guaranteeing uniqueness and be like no other, and even flew overseas for shooting. Shortly after the series were announced the agencies from dozens of countries contacted to buy the rights to this series in a landslide.

The leading actors starring in the series are: Ja – Phachara, First – Chalongrat, Boston – Suphadej, Joe – Kwinpat and not only, but it also honored by top stars to participate in a show and actors who have appeared in many projects as well, namely: Wayo – Phirawat, Ben – Benjamin, Yo – Korkua, Duke – Panudet, Dao – Aphisara, Tuk – Ta, Kok – Prinya, Bass – Nat Thaphot, and Phat – Thanaphat, who have promoted through Twitter to let the fans follow up the project before the actual broadcast on May 8, 2023. The chemistry of the main heroes, the main couple and the secondary couple, brought many fans yet before camera has started shooting, with the series’ hashtag #BeMineSuperStar to let everyone follow the updates before watching it on the screens all over the country.