“Be Mine Superstar: The leading actor and a child on set”: Romantic Love Series by First Chalongrat & Ja Phachara

Be Mine Superstar พระเอกกับเด็กหมาในกอง (2023) ซีรีส์รักโรแมนติก

“Be Mine Superstar: The leading actor and a child on set” (2023) Romantic Love Story by First Chalongrat & Ja Phachara

The Y Series of “Be Mine Superstar” has already started airing on 3rd of July, and has been well received by both Thai and overseas fans, and has also been trending on Twitter.


Impressive story from the first time in the high school of Pun (Ja Phachara), when Pun was very impressed by Phi Achi (First Chalongrat) who is handsome, good-natured, and gentle. Phi Achi is the first impression that will never be forgotten, makes young Pun to be determined to pursue Phi Achi and always be by his side. It’s been about 9 years and both of them have grown in their own career paths. Ashi is now a star with clear goals to become successful actor, whereas Young Pan still did hasn’t given up on getting close to Phi Achi to support him in various matters, starting from being a kid on the set. This is where the relationship between the handsome actor and the child on set begins. So, we are here to cheer up and help Pan and Achi, everybody!..

You can watch it on Channel 33 every Monday at 10:45 p.m. or via Application 3 Plus or watch it afterwards at iQIYI. Don’t forget to follow ^^